Thursday, September 29, 2011


The weather is starting to cool down a little bit, which means we've done some work on L.T.  (short for little trailer.)  That isn't her name but it's her nickname.  I'm thinking Zelda, as in F. Scott's wife.  I read her biography and was smitten and disturbed by her.  More to come. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kitchen view

 It's just too hot here in the AZ to be working on the little trailer.  I think it will be October before we can get started.  Everything is in perfect working order and there is no damage to repair so paint will be the biggest job. 
 I can't wait to make some brownies out in the woods.
Well I guess the counter top should be replaced and the plumbing needs to be hooked up.
The drawer pulls have got to go!!
Oh yeah, I forgot the floor.  Black and white linoleum seems to be the thing but I'm wracking my brain to think of something different.  Now that I think about it a lot needs to be done here.   A trip to the Depot is in order.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 I was looking for fabric samples at and came up with these.  I love cherries.  Not to eat but to hang in my camper.  I also love the pink background.  I'm trying to keep it gender neutral but this fabric has really got me.
 The next few are so kitchy and retro I can't stand it.  I will be camping in outfits like these "ladies" just so you know.  Oh, and posing like that for the many photos that will be taken.
 Catch that fish, girl!!!!  And then lounge against that log with your hot cocoa.
 Thank goodness I still have my cowboy hat and boots.  They will come in handy when I ride that fence.
 I'm thinking this could fly with it's neutral background.  Right??  Please.
 I'm liking the Mexican influence here.
 This one, of course, is Jeff's pick.  (Don't tell him I told you.)
Most of these fabrics are the design of Alexander Henry.  He sure has some imagination.  Let me know which one is your favorite.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look! There she is!!

I found my little trailer on Craig's List.  Lucky for me she was in Flagstaff where my favorite father in law lives.  I sent him over to look at it and report back to me about the condition she was in.  He said "it's clean and so cute."  I said "I'll take it!!!"  The very next day it was parked in front of his house.  Jeff and I drove up on Saturday night and slept in the thing.  It was adventure sleeping at it's best.
We took one step inside and were thrilled.  She is very cute indeed.  Kim and Dee (ffil and wife) put some fresh flowers on the table along with some strawberries and chocolates.  The table comes down and the cushions move together to make the bed, which was comfy as can be.
Here we are, myself, Jeff and Dee just shootin the breeze.  You can't see it but there is a little kitchen on the other side end of the trailer.
I'm a real baby when it comes to sleeping.  Everything needs to be just right for me to stay asleep.  It was kind of strange sleeping out on the not so busy street but when I finally fell asleep it was deep.
In the morning we were  treated to a beautiful breakfast of home made waffles, breakfast burritos and fresh fruit with fresh whipped cream. Oh! And mimosas!! Can't forget those.

My ffil is a magpie to put it mildly.  I call him the god of small things.  Little things are everywhere.
And when they break he's there to fix them.  I just want to say thanks to Kim and Dee for supporting me and my whim of a purchase.  The biggest thanks is saved for my husband, Jeff, who saved us from the vultures all the way home.  Our Suburban decided to overheat not far out of the cool pines of Flagstaff.  I'll save that story for another time.  It's a good one.