Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year


  1. Hi, I love your little trailer. Just found your blog, but it looks like you haven't posted for a while, do hope every thing is okay. I have been working toward talking my husband into purchasing a secondhand travel trailer and just giving it a try. I'm retired but he has a few years left to work, but has pretty good vacation time, so we are just thinking about in state travel for a while to get our feet wet. A lot of my friends travel to Bluegrass and Country Music Festivals and are always inviting us to come along. I'm looking forward to sharing your adventures through this blogging media and showing Steve just how much fun we can have. God bless your travels, Connie :) P.S. please accept my invitation to visit my blog, hopefully you will decide to follow me, too.

  2. Hi, I'm back . . . still hoping to get a visit and following. your blog is so cool! Connie :)